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I am a sculptor whose work focuses on humankind, and our intricate relationship to our environment, Utilizing elements of urban landscapes such as buildings, streets, signages, seats, sometimes memories, myths, stories.


My goal is to explore the universal human experience of never fully belonging to one place, encouraging viewers to embrace the world as their home and fostering a deeper connection to our global community and heritage.


I choose card-board as my primary medium due to its symbolic representation of humanity's perpetual state of migration and transience. These sculptures are a reflection of our collective experience, a reminder that as a species, we remain in a constant state of movement, seeking a sense of home that extends beyond physical boundaries. Through my art,


A long time ago, I watched a short animation called 'Man' by an illustrator named Steve Cutts. This animation felt like a concise depiction of humanity's existence on Earth.

I am particularly intrigued by how we assess our presence in terms of the space and time we occupy. Admitting that we exist as temporary, somewhat thoughtless guests is, in all honesty, a somewhat embarrassing reality.


It's as if we carry our entire lives in cardboard boxes, ready to move on and destroy the next space. We have become so detached from the soil that hosts us and provides for us that we almost forget how the civilization we've built is suppressing the heritage we must preserve over time.


Unfortunately, not only have we forgotten how to coexist, but we've also become a species that invades and occupies nature and other living beings.



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