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Gökçen Ataman Tanyer, London


​Ted Ankara Koleji (06-1998)

Hacettepe University Ankara- Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture (06-2005)
Humber College Toronto- Institute of Arts and Design (07-2006)

Mamut Art Project- Istanbul (2017)

Fotini Arnavutköy, Installation Project- Istanbul 2017

Kasa Gallery, Abandoned- Istanbul 2018

Galeri Muaf X Rum lisesi, Ben Hep Evdeyim 2018 

Galeri Muaf X IMÇ, Güller ve Dikenler 2019 

Step İstanbul, Rem Art Space- Istanbul 2019

Rem Art Space, Solo Exhibition, Welcome to a Prestigious Life 2019

McArt Awards, Uniq Expo- Istanbul 2020

enstıtu kovan, bas(ka)kent ankara- ankara 2021

art fıgura, dıstanz- schwarzenberg, germany 2021

art at the allıson rıchard buıldıng, 20 years at crassh annıversary programme- cambrıdge unıversıty- uk 2021

evın art gallery, solo exhıbıtıon- famılıar facades (wıth setenay alpsoy)- istanbul 2022

Krank art gallery, space between us- istanbul 2023

izmir museum of painting and sculpture, far near- izmir 2023

artweeks akaretler, persistent city, resilient nature- istanbul 2023

fikret otyam museum, solo exhibition- guzel ankara- ankara 2024

Sustainable Arts Foundation, winner, 2020

mellow art prize, special award winner, 2021

sustainable art prize, jury 2021,2022,2023


I am a sculptor whose work centers on creating intricate cityscapes composed of interconnected, slum-like cardboard houses. I choose cardboard as my primary medium due to its symbolic representation of humanity's perpetual state of migration and transience. These sculptures are a reflection of our collective experience, a reminder that as a species, we remain in a constant state of movement, seeking a sense of home that extends beyond physical boundaries. Through my art, I aim to explore the universal human condition of never quite belonging to one place and encourage viewers to embrace the world as their home, fostering a deeper connection to our global community.

A long time ago, I watched a short animation called 'Man' by an illustrator named Steve Cutts. This animation felt like a concise depiction of humanity's existence on Earth.

I am particularly intrigued by how we assess our presence in terms of the space and time we occupy. Admitting that we exist as temporary, somewhat thoughtless guests is, in all honesty, a somewhat embarrassing reality. It's as if we carry our entire lives in cardboard boxes, ready to move on and destroy the next space. We have become so detached from the soil that hosts us and provides for us that we almost forget how the civilization we've built is suppressing the heritage we must preserve over time. Unfortunately, not only have we forgotten how to coexist, but we've also become a species that invades and occupies nature and other living beings.

Beyond being invaders, our inner peace is also at stake. Our buildings, towering like precarious stacks of cardboard boxes, are filled with the expectation that we will bring about the next disaster with our own hands, and it is heartbreaking how we have become dependent on pills to overcome our anxieties.


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