Gökçen Ataman Tanyer, Istanbul
Ankara 20,02-1981




​Ted Ankara Koleji (06-1998)

Hacettepe University Ankara- Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture (06-2005)
Humber College Toronto- Institute of Arts and Design (07-2006)

Mamut Art Project- Istanbul (2017)

Fotini Arnavutköy, Installation Project- Istanbul 2017

Kasa Gallery, Abandoned- Istanbul 2018

Galeri Muaf X Rum lisesi, Ben Hep Evdeyim 2018 

Galeri Muaf X IMÇ, Güller ve Dikenler 2019 

Step İstanbul, Rem Art Space- Istanbul 2019

Rem Art Space, Solo Exhibition, Welcome to a Prestigious Life 2019

McArt Awards, Uniq Expo- Istanbul 2020

Sustainable Arts Foundation, winner, 2020

mellow art prize, special award winner, 2021

sustainable art prize, jury 2021


I deal primarily with local architectural practices and investigate the visual culture and the aesthetics of cities, the relationship between nature, humankind, and humankind’s urge to build. My work focuses on consumption, both in terms of politics, and ecology, urbanisation also on awareness towards nature, history, and architectural heritage.


I build cities with no infrastructure to represent the spaces we create, criticizing today's architectural mentality, which is low in both form and function, and high on profit. This criticism to me is my way of appreciating our architectural and cultural heritage. I, as an admirer of traditional architecture, try to criticize the new architectural culture by building crooked cityscapes.

I mainly use found/reclaimed materials such as cardboard.

A cluster of buildings made of found cardboard, represent to me, how humankind occupy the land by their urge to build. All those buildings look like a bunch of unstable, tremulous boxes stacked on each other.


(under construction

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Art Dog Istanbul Sayı:2 

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